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Zimdra Food Private Limited

Name of the Company :

Zimdra  Food  Pvt. Ltd Established: 2010

The line of Business:

Manufacturing Dairy, Food & Beverages, Import & Export,   Information Technology, Manufacturing, Service Industry,   Agencies for FMCG, Passenger Cars, Consultancy in   Engineering & Financial Management.

One of the Largest Business Groups in the Country


Head office in Phuentsholing, the business capital of Bhutan and Business establishments in all parts of the Kingdom.

Brief History of the Group

The company started its operations with the dealership of Maruti and Suzuki vehicles. And Mahindra & Mahindra vehicles under the dynamic leadership of the Chairman, and in its Endeavor to expand ahead, the company started Maruti & Mahindra service centers all over the country. The Services center is now catering to the services of the customers and is adding substantial revenues to the company.

During the year 2006 the company understanding the market of Fast Moving Consumer goods started its operation and a new unit Zimdra Impex was opened to cater to the FMCG market. The unit Impex mostly deals in imported consumer goods and beverages from the Third country. The Management of Zimdra Industries understands that consumer market has high prospective in Bhutan and its growing with the growth in the population and economic standard of the nation.

As the FMCG unit was a success the company is now looking at further future prospects in the consumer market. The establishment of manufacturing unit on a very high scale is decided and the new art of technology manufacturing plant is under progress and will be completed by end of this year.


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