Conjoined twins recovering well after separation surgery

The conjoined Bhutanese twins Nima and Dawa Pelden who underwent life-changing surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne, Australia last Friday are recovering and healing well.

The 15-month-old girls are still in the hospital and it is not known when they will be allowed to leave the hospital.

The head of the Paediatric Surgery at RCH, Dr Joe Crameri told the local media in Melbourne that the girls are getting back to a more normal life and are healing well. The girls have been living as a separate individual since November 9.

“The girls have followed largely the path we have set out for them. Like any other surgical pathway, there have been few bumps on the road and there are few bumps that we are still smoothing it out. But with all the results that we have got at the RCH, especially with the intensive care team and our anaesthetic team, we are making good progress at the current time.”

The nurses looking after the girls in the hospital said they like to stay close even after the separation surgery.

“They are really cheeky and not far from one another at any time at all and they are still in one bed. They are happy, clapping, smiling, and laughing, “Kellie Smith, a Nurse at the RCH, said.

The twins were born joined at the torso and shared a liver. They were separated in the six-hour surgery by a team of 25 people.

The surgery initially planned in October had to be postponed after the twins were found low on vital nutrients and vitamins.

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