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Bhutan Soya Proteins

Bhutan Soya Proteins

Company Profile

Zimdra Group, from Bhutan, is a highly diversified business conglomerate with interests in cement, ferro-alloys, infrastructure, construction, mining, milk and fruit juice processing, dairy farming etc. to name a few. With Bhutan Soya Proteins, the latest venture of Zimdra Group, we have entered into the Soya Food manufacturing business.

Our processing plant is nestled in the lush green, cool & clean environment in the Himalayan foothills of Bhutan. Based in Pasakha, Phuentsholing, Bhutan Soya Proteins is a manufacturer of high quality “Textured Soya Protein & Snack Foods” for national and international markets under the brand “DrukSoy”. With high-end plant & machineries along with deployment of an eco-friendly latest technology of food processing, we offer a wide variety of products including DrukSoy Soya Chunks, DrukSoy Mini Chunks, DrukSoy Granules, DrukSoy Soya Steaks and ready to eat tasty snacks – DrukSoy Soya Sticks.

Bhutan Soya Proteins is founded on a set of internal principles that we call “Honest Quality” and “Effective Consumer Service”. We believe in manufacturing food products with love & tender care for consumers, a philosophy which is deeply ingrained in the ethos of Bhutan and this is the reason that our products are in concert with Quality & Service. Our values help guide our everyday efforts and help keep integrity at the core of our business.

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