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Singye Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Business Venture are grouped under four main activities...


Singye Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Manufacturing & Trading
  2. Construction
  3. Mining 
  4. Travel Agency 

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The company was established in 1969 with a singular Business outlet and has grown over the years into multi disciplinary business organization. The Business ventures are grouped under four main sectors of activities viz. Mining, Trading/Manufacturing Construction & Travel Agency. Under these four sectors, there are 20 other units functioning independently with common a goal and vision.
The company has honorable Yab Dasho Ugen Dorji as the chairman by virtue of having laid the foundation stone of the company and it is because of his relentless effort that the Singye Group of Companies has progressed over the years. The hierarchy is followed by Dasho Ugen Tsechup as the Vice-chairman who is the key figure of the company.

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